About Us

The Mesa Leadership Training & Development Program was inaugurated in 1981 with the belief that every community has potential leaders who are seeking the opportunity to serve and who need exposure to information, organizations and leaders to make that service possible. Forty years later, we are proud to say that over 800 alumni have graduated from the Mesa Leadership Training & Development Program. Many of our graduates have pursued public office, served on non-profit boards or city commissions and/or donated their time and energies in a variety of ways to benefit the city of Mesa and its residents.

The Program runs for nine months, from August to May, with monthly classes, tours and activities not typically available to the general public. Each class highlights a different topic such as city history, city government and administration, sustainable development, municipal services, the arts and education. Classes are led by leaders from community, business and non-profit organizations. Tours are chosen based on the topics covered in monthly classes and include trips to the Municipal Court, City Hall, Boeing, the Mesa Arts Center, United Food Bank, Phoenix-Gateway Airport and many others.

Each year, Mesa Leadership participants are selected through an application process. Selection is based on demonstrated leadership potential, significant career accomplishments, community involvement and desire to improve the city of Mesa for all its residents. The Program seeks applicants from all aspects of community and business life, social, faith-based, non-profit, education, volunteerism and government.

The Mesa Leadership Training & Development Program is presented by the Mesa Chamber of Commerce Business in Education Foundation, and is administered by volunteers who serve as board members, program and curriculum development leaders and community liaisons.

Mesa Leadership does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age religion or religious creed, disability, sex or gender.