Class of 2019 Project, First Fundraiser Announced

Every year, each graduating class proclaims it’s the “best ever,” and the class of 2019 is working hard to gain their place for such a title.

House of Refuge Mesa

Already well underway at selecting House of Refuge as the focus of the annual class project, the class also announced its first fundraiser to supplement their individual and collective efforts to raise money. The goal will be to fund the renovation of one of the buildings on the House of Refuge campus as a Community Center, accordingto Project Leader Phillip Young with University of Phoenix. He explained that the project requirements, class talent and planned work on the site were a perfect storm to execute the project.

“We really hit the jackpot,” he stated. “We have in our class an architect (Jared Malone). But we also are coinciding this project with planned updates to the building’s sewer lines. In addition, the buildings are all constructed with their load bearing walls to the exterior, which really allows us to open up the space.”

Mesa Leadership fundraisingThe first organized fundraiser will be held Saturday, December 1 from 7:30am – 12pm at New Life Assembly of God, 314 W. University Drive in Mesa. Donations of goods are welcome by contacting the Class of 2019.

As walls will be torn down, they will also upgrade the plumbing inside, and provide amenities that are ADA compliant. Current fundraising goals are $15,000 from the class , but they are also hoping for in-kind donations from places like Home Depot to provide needed supplies.

Additional details and contact information can be found on the Class of 2019 website.