As Work Progresses, Time Out for Fundraising for House of Refuge

The latest update on the Class of 2019’s efforts to renovate the Community Center at House of Refuge has a ribbon cutting in its sights. Class leader Phillip Young credits the wealth of talent in the class and among their contacts for the progress and quality of work. While a specific date has not been set, it’s likely the end of March/beginning of April will be the target.

“We’re currently ahead of schedule, and are well underway in hanging and mudding drywall in the center,” Young said. “We’ve really been blessed with talent in this class — Jared Malone is our architect and general contractor, Christine Lance’s husband George has experience in the trades, Andrea Bruggeman’s husband is a handyman — all of these are extremely valuable in completing this project with quality and expertise.”

Young also has experience as a painting contractor, and he said that all along the way, people have been receptive to helping the class out. “As soon as we say it’s for the House of Refuge, the response is, ‘Sure – what can we do to help?'” he said.

Of course, money is a resource that is essential to any successful project, and the Class of 2019 organized a fundraiser Saturday, February 23 at Eastmark’s Handlebar Diner. Guests of honor were Police Chief Ramon Battista, Fire Chief Mary Cameli and 6th District Councilman Kevin Thompson. Although a chilly evening for the outdoor venue, spirits were warm and a 50/50 raffle and silent raffles  helped the event to net more than $1,000 toward supplies and labor to complete the project.