Class Project – Playground Improvements

PlaygroundThis week’s focus is the improvements to the play areas at the Boys and Girls Club. The class repainted the outdoor basketball court lines and added the Mesa Arts Academy logo at center court. The class was able to get contractors to grade the area around the outside of the playground improve drainage and distribute rainwater to the retention basin instead of to the playground area. They also stabilized the area so that gravel doesn’t wash onto the basketball court. Several tons of large rocks around the perimeter of the Club were added to make it look nicer and aid in drainage. The contractors also installed a sidewalk on the west side of the playground for kids and parents to walk from the parking lot to the playground, create a buffer between the playground and the basketball court, and make the park ADA accessible.






Class Project – Mural

MuralCollageThe last few weeks of the Mesa Leadership year are always hectic with Graduation, the Annual Business meeting, recruiting for next year’s class. We haven’t had much time to close the loop on the Class Project. The next few posts will focus on the accomplishments this year’s class made at the Boys and Girls Club. The project was ambitious and included a mural, playground improvements, replenishing library materials, and an office upgrade. This week we’ll focus on the mural.

The group’s artist met with the Boys and Girls Club students to design the mural. Their ideas in pictures and words were transformed into a colorful 100-feet-long and 6-feet-high mural. The students and the members of the class all got a chance to paint. The act of creating the mural crossed ethnicities, experience, race, and age. Now the children have this mural to remind them that anything they want to do, they can.

Next week: more about the Playground Improvements.

Mesa Leadership Graduates 34th Class

LaMarreMesa Leadership honored 23 graduates at a ceremony at the Hilton on Friday May 6. The graduates were Jill Adair, Journalist; Jerry Bianco, No Slip Arizona; Julie Bigler, Mesa Fire and Medical; Michael Book, HDR Inc; Sharon Brause, Mesa Purchasing; Diane Cantile, Community Volunteer; Diana Clevenger, Mesa Police; Vince Evans, SRP; John Gilliam, Outerwall; Jaime Glasser, Artist; Missy Gleason, DMB Associates Inc.; Lyn Gorton, Relay for Life; Shannon Heinze, Guild Mortgage; Pei Hseih, Good Neighbor Insurance; Robert Kjar, The Fit Stop; Wayne LaMarre, Mesa Energy Resources; Matt Long, Solutions Real Estate; Patti Oskvarek, Mesa Business Services; Kristen Rubi, SRP; LynnOskvarek Runyan, SRP; Morgan Sarager, SRP; Susan Tychman, Mesa Chamber of Commerce; and Mark Young, Mesa United Way.

The highlight of the evening was the WaltersKeynote Address by Claudia Walters Interim President and CEO of the Mesa United Way. She’s a former Mesa Vice Mayor and Council Member and she was the 2009 Mesa Woman of the Year. She inspired the graduates by telling them about the Power of Yes. Mayo John Giles welcomed the graduates to the fraternity of service.


Mesa Leadership Participates in Relay for Life

Relay4Life4On Saturday April 9, the Mesa Leadership Class of 2016 participated in the Relay for Life raising over $2,000 for the American Cancer Society and had a lot of fun doing it. They were awarded a Track sign. Track signs are awarded to teams who raise more than $1,000 and are color coded so teams can move up as they raise more money each year. Some of the longer serving teams at the Relay proudly display 6 or 7 Track signs. Congratulations Class and Lyn Gorton, the class member who led the team.

Next year they plan to invite alumni to be involved so be looking for information about this very fun and worthy event in the Spring of 2017.


Mesa Leadership Boys and Girls Mural

Update on the Mesa leadership Mural from 2016 class member Jaime Glasser.

“The mural is almost done!!! These kids and this place is awesome.”

IMG_6194 IMG_6190 IMG_6191 IMG_6192 IMG_6193

April 1st Class Photos

Mesa Police Chief John Meza presenting to 2016 MLTD public safety and healthcare day. In addition, guests and activities included:

IMG_0822IMG_3802 IMG_3804 IMG_3807 IMG_3810

Boys and Girls Club Mural Work Progresses

Sun MuralThe boys and girls who belong to the Keystone and Torch clubs at the Boys and Girls Club Grant Woods Branch Downtown Mesa have designed a beautiful mural that reflects what the Boys and Girls Club means to them. The kids will be painting after school while school is in session and in the morning during their Spring Break. They are expecting the mural to be complete by March 21.

If you are interested in donating to the Boys and Girls Club Project or the Mural project in leaf muralparticular, you can make a donation online by following the Make a Payment link at the top of this webpage. Be sure to include that your payment is for the 2016  Boys and Girls Club Project or the 2016  Boys and Girls Club Mural in the Payment for: field.

Check out these pictures of the work in progress. Sections are sketched out for the children to paint. I’ll be posting pictures of the finished product later this month so keep checking the Mesa Leadership website and Facebook page.

Class of 2016 Continues Work on the Boys and Girls Club

Mural Work is scheduled to begin on the mural at the Grant Woods Boys and Girls Club in Mesa. The Class of 2016 selected a refurbishment of the Boys and Girls Club as their Class Project this year. Elements include a mural, playground improvements, replenishing library materials, and an office upgrade. The kids were very involved in establishing the design for the mural and are excited to start painting. The pictures here show the class prepping the wall and a rough sketch of the mural design. Mural

Staff at the Boys and Girls Club have expressed their appreciation for the supplies and books the Leadership Class has been bringing in. “It has been a tremendous help to the programs we have been running. We can’t thank you enough.”

The Class has been engaged in fun, educational activities outside of their project too. Class members participate in numerous fun and educational tours and activities throughout the year thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. One of the favorites each year is a helicopter tour presented by SRP. A class member who participated in the tour this week said, “One of the coolest things ever! Thank you for this experience. We all loved it!” A special thanks to SRP. Through tours and grants and people who support our program, SRP improves the Mesa Leadership experience immeasurably.

March Focus on Business Advocacy and Media Relations

On March 4, the Class of 2016 will be attending their eighth class of the year. The focus will be on Business Advocacy and Media Relations. The Class of 2016 have been very busy in February. They are continuing to work hard on their Class Project–a refresh of the Grant Woods Boys and Girls Club in Mesa. The class is replenishing the library, enhancing the playground, painting a mural and renovating an office area. In addition, class members are completing any activities still outstanding like completing their shadowing and reporting to the class, attending board meetings, and attending tours. There are still quite a few tours left this year. If you want to follow along with all the class is doing, check out class member Jill Adair’s blog. She is a freelance journalist and Associate Faculty Member at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications.

Local Authors Donate Books to Boys & Girls Club

bookThe Mesa Leadership Class of 2016 is working with the Boys & Girls Club for their project this year. One aspect of the project is to replenish the library. The outpouring of generosity from local authors has been incredible. The goal was to provide at least 10 different books of 10 copies each for children and teens. At this point they’ve collected more than 160 copies of new books. We offer our sincere thanks to these authors.

You can participate too. Make a donation online by Codyfollowing the Make a Payment link a the top of this webpage. Be sure to include that your payment is for the 2016 Class Project Boys and Girls Club in the Payment for: field. You can also mail a check made the Mesa Chamber Business in Education Foundation to Mesa Chamber of Commerce c/o Mesa Leadership, 40 N Center St, Ste 104, Mesa AZ 85201. Make sure to note on the memo line the 2016 Class Project Boys and Girls Club.

Check out these titles for children and teens from local authors.

Carol Schultz “Cracker & Kurt’s Baseball Game” and “Sandy Brown’s Butterflies”

Adam Baker “Maury C. Moose and the Forest Noel”

Sandra Wardman “Cody the Coyote”

David J Guidera “A Perfect Christmas”

Leslie Carol “Royal Priesthood” and “Adams in Your Courtyard”

Rico Austin “Arizona Is Where I Live,” ” Mexico Got Lucky” and “My Bad Tequila”

Nancy K Arnold “Patriotic Pups”

Dani Miller “Paxton and Mali Find Their Boat”

Plynn Gutman “My Son Dave (the Duck)” and “Your Journal Companion”

Annette Mahon “The Secret Admirer”

GodR J McMillan “Tell Me About Your God. Interviews with ordinary people revealing extraordinary personal thoughts on religion, spirituality and the nature of existence.” Available as an ebook in Kindle format through Amazon books. Order the paperback version through the author at Follow on Twitter @RJMcMillan99