Class of 2016 Continues Work on the Boys and Girls Club

Mural Work is scheduled to begin on the mural at the Grant Woods Boys and Girls Club in Mesa. The Class of 2016 selected a refurbishment of the Boys and Girls Club as their Class Project this year. Elements include a mural, playground improvements, replenishing library materials, and an office upgrade. The kids were very involved in establishing the design for the mural and are excited to start painting. The pictures here show the class prepping the wall and a rough sketch of the mural design. Mural

Staff at the Boys and Girls Club have expressed their appreciation for the supplies and books the Leadership Class has been bringing in. “It has been a tremendous help to the programs we have been running. We can’t thank you enough.”

The Class has been engaged in fun, educational activities outside of their project too. Class members participate in numerous fun and educational tours and activities throughout the year thanks to the generosity of our sponsors. One of the favorites each year is a helicopter tour presented by SRP. A class member who participated in the tour this week said, “One of the coolest things ever! Thank you for this experience. We all loved it!” A special thanks to SRP. Through tours and grants and people who support our program, SRP improves the Mesa Leadership experience immeasurably.