Current Board of Directors

The Mesa Leadership Board of Directors is comprised of alumni who meet monthly to review and direct the activities of Mesa Leadership.

We are pleased to present our current board members:

2019-2020  Chair   Lynn Runyan
2019-2020 Chair Elect   Shannon Heinze
2019-2020 Secretary   Larry Burke

2019-2020 Treasurer    Kristen Rubi
2019-2020 Alumni/Community Events    Andrea Bruggeman

2019-2020 Communications   Tony Margalis
2019-2020 Program Advancement  Greg Denton
2019-2020 Recruitment   Thomas Hayes,  Diana Clevenger
2019-2020 Social  Phyllis Benson
2019-2020 Placement Trevor Howell 

2019-2020 Tours/Program Liaison Benito Ontiveros
2019-2020 Curriculum  Terrie Gardner, Jeff Cutler, Phillip Young
2019-2020 Past Chair Lucy Lopez

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