Since 1982, the Mesa Leadership Program has graduated over 800 members and continues to be the most respected and valued organization in leadership development in the Mesa community. The Mesa Leadership Board works diligently to serve and meet the needs of our participants, alumni and community. At the Mesa Leadership program, we appreciate the support of our alumni. Whether you provide your expertise for one of the class days, attend alumni-sponsored events, or pay your alumni dues each year, we couldn’t maintain the program without your support. Maybe it has been a while since you graduated from the Mesa Leadership Program or have been involved in Mesa Leadership activities; here are some ideas for ways to stay involved.

We have some fun upcoming events available to you!  And as a member in good standing, you’ll receive some terrific benefits from Mesa Leadership.  Read on!

  1. With your paid membership, you will get one complimentary entry to Taste of Mesa. It occurs every 3rd Tuesday of the month and it’s very fun and quite yummy!  The venue changes monthly. That’s a $25 value to you!!
  2. As an added value to your paid, annual dues, we will now make one of the current Mesa Leadership Class’ tours available to alumni each month. If you want to renew the feeling of exploring Mesa again from an insider’s view or if you missed a tour back during your leadership class, join us!   Dates for class tours will be emailed to you in the next week or so.
  3. Alumni will be treated to the annual holiday dinner at no charge. As a member in good standing, You can enjoy the festivities of the Mesa Leadership holiday dinner; you’ll only pay for your guest to attend, should you choose to bring someone along.
  4. We would like to offer the opportunity of advertising your business in our Mesa Leadership Facebook page. Additionally, if you’d like to highlight your business to your fellow alumni, we will offer spotlight of alumni in our newsletter each month.  The spotlights would take place in the order of renewals.   Are we generous??
  5. We are going to call on you alumni to participate in a few community service activities we have planned.

We hope your love of the Mesa Leadership program and fond memories of it will move you to participate in one or both of the above events.   Please keep your eye out for upcoming tours you can attend and for more information of our group’s events.

There are always other opportunities for our alumni to help out:

  • Provide your expertise for one of the class days or tours
  • Support the Scholarship fund
  • Attend Alumni-sponsored events
  • Serve on a community board or committee or maybe a Mesa Leadership committee
  • Maintain your annual dues


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