What is Mesa Leadership Training and Development?

The purpose of the Mesa Leadership Program is to cultivate leadership through education, exposure to the community, and interaction between class members. Our ultimate goal is to prepare students for a personal journey along the wonderful and rewarding path to community service.

The Mesa Leadership Program provides a unique opportunity to learn about the community of Mesa while sharpening one’s leadership skills. The seminars from August through May highlight history, business and economics, criminal justice, city government, the arts, education, social issues, and leadership. The once-a-month seminars begin at 8:00 a.m. and end at 4:00 p.m.  

The classes are enhanced by a series of interesting tours not normally available to the public and an opportunity to learn first hand about the issues currently facing our city. Mesa Leadership also afford class members an opportunity to spend a day with a local leader of their choice to observe leadership in action.

The Mesa Leadership Program is administered by a dedicated group of alumni who organize class sessions covering a wide variety of community issues and challenges. Professional consultants and community leaders also volunteer experience and expertise to augment the learning foundation.

Over 800 alumni have graduated from the Mesa Leadership Program. Many have pursued public office, served on city boards and commissions, and/or donated their time and energies in a variety of ways.

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